Rita Larimore


Rita Larimore believes everyone should own their own home if they want to and loves decorating houses and making them inviting places to live and to visit. And with three decades of experience, she has been in the business longer than some of her clients have been alive.  

Unlike some real estate agents, she loves working with first-time home buyers. Sure, they’re often nervous, they tend to ask more questions, and some will look at 100 houses before making a decision, but Rita finds it almost as thrilling as they do when they finally find their first home. When she hands them the keys, it’s like Christmas.

She ferociously protects her clients’ interests. Everybody’s priorities and needs are different, which means her approach always has to be different. She plays hardball when she has to and not when she doesn’t. She won’t be bullied by other agents, and she can get along with just about anybody.

Rita’s talents also extend to the listing side where she excels at preparing a home for sale—making repairs, staging the rooms, and negotiating hard for her clients. She has fixed up many of her own homes, so her experience here isn’t theoretical, it’s practical.  

A Los Angeles native, Rita moved to Portland almost forty years ago and loves the people here more than anything. Neighbors are so often strangers in large cities, but she has forged stronger bonds with Portlanders than she has with people anywhere else, even though she’s not from here.

She was recently named a Five-Star professional in Portland Monthly magazine for the fifth time.