Shannon Miller


A former pastry chef of 15 years, Shannon Miller went back to school and finished her degree in interior design and property management and thought a career in real estate was the next logical step. She started out at a global brokerage, but vastly prefers Portland Proper. It’s a smaller, more intimate place where her clients get the attention they deserve.

    The daughter of an engineer and kitchen designer, her parents built their homes while she was growing up. Shannon was also married to a contractor for several years, so she notices things others might not—from unique architectural opportunities for renovation to a potential menacing, damp basement. Never one to put her own needs first by closing deals faster, she won’t hesitate to warn her clients about potential problems they might not see coming.

    Shannon moved to Portland from the Midwest, partly for culinary school, but mostly because she loved how the city is a more manageable version of Seattle or San Francisco. She also loves the food, of course, which has always been terrific and has only gotten better since she arrived. Portland winters have never been a bother for Shannon. She finds the cool and wet weather refreshing and soothing.

    After helping her clients find just the right place, peeking inside houses is the most rewarding part of her job. She has always loved architecture and interior design, and seeing the inside of homes feels like walking through the design magazines on her coffee table. And houses are often surprising. You can never tell for sure from the sidewalk what a house looks like on the inside. So don’t just browse houses online. Take a look inside with Shannon!