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Hello, We are Portland Proper Real Estate.

What does proper mean to you? To us, it means remembering important details and sending thank-you cards. ‘Proper’ indicates a commitment to excellence and integrity. It means elevating service standards within our industry because we think our clients are worth it.

We love that the word ‘proper’ leads a double life. It also exists in the world of real estate. ‘City Proper’ refers to the complete area surrounding a city –places that identify with the city itself, though might go by other names. In our case, Portland Proper includes Lake Oswego, Beaverton, Tigard and all the great towns that make up our metropolitan area.

Put these meanings together, and you get an idea of what we are all about.


Maureen Swan

Principal Broker


It wasn’t her overwhelming love for houses that got Maureen interested in real estate (although that helped), it was her love for people. She realized early on that she is at her best when she gets out from behind her desk and works directly with clients. She has taken this passion and translated it into seventeen years of experience in the Portland market.

Maureen carefully listens to her clients and helps them translate their hopes into finding the home they want. Her work with first-time home buyers has been especially gratifying, as she knows how empowering the purchase of a home can be. Maureen also values helping clients get the most for their house when they are ready to sell it. She religiously tours properties and understands how to price and sell homes both quickly and profitably. Being the youngest of four children helped instill the power of negotiation in Maureen long ago. She will not shy away from helping communicate your needs and wants.

Maureen knows how to navigate the city’s many school districts. Having experience in both the public and private school system she understands how this, and many other factors, can play a large role in the house-hunting process. Maureen is always ready to find creative solutions to every obstacle along the way.

She currently resides in a 1913 Craftsman with her husband, 2 children and 2 rescue pugs. Although Maureen has a great appreciation of houses of all styles and eras having lived in a mid century Ranch, a 1800's Colonial and a 1980's mountain home. Charming and whip-smart, she’s a wonderful companion and advocate for every adventure in real estate.


Jason McEllrath



When a guy buys his first home at age twenty, you assume that he is either of royal blood, or that he is insanely passionate about real estate. For Jason, having found no traces of royalty in his family tree, purchasing that very first house in 1995 was the exact moment that his lifelong journey of buying, restoring, and loving homes began.

Settling down in Ladd’s Addition with his husband and daughter has since happily brought him to Southeast Portland, but his obsession with Portland’s many unique neighborhoods and homes continues to grow. He has now been working in the Portland market for over a decade, and it’s no surprise that he has thrived. Friendly, warm and endlessly entertaining, Jason is the kind of agent you would look forward to sitting next to in the car while hunting for the perfect home.

As Jason’s knowledge of real estate is impressive, so is his enthusiasm. He loves using his years of experience and his own long list of resources to benefit his clients. Jason wants everyone to feel informed and empowered about the decisions they make as they voyage through their own real estate journey. He aims to keep every transaction stress-free, smooth and -hopefully- at least a little bit fun.

Whether it’s navigating complicated sales, suggesting contractors for period-specific remodels, or helping clients build their personal portfolio, Jason loves what he does and he does it so well.


Niki Rondini



Niki was lured to Oregon by the promise of pristine rivers, quiet forests and progressive thinkers. Portland has now been her home for over a decade.

Her interest in real estate started with a love for architecture and design. Having lived in everything from a log cabin to an high-rise apartment, small towns to big cities, she appreciates living spaces of all shapes and sizes. Remodeling her own home from the foundation up not only sparked her passion for rehabbing old houses, but also helped her cultivate a long list of trusted contractors and local resources for homeowners in the greater Portland area.

These qualities paired with her genuine curiosity and extensive experience with the Portland market make her the perfect companion for your real estate journey. Whether you are looking to sell your house, find a place to call home, or invest in property, Niki can help!



Karen Lane



Karen’s 17 years of experience as a Realtor in the Greater Portland market has given her a huge appreciation for how much real estate can make a positive difference in someone’s life. Whether you are a first time buyer, a family that is upsizing, retirees who are downsizing, or an experienced investor, the benefits can be incredible.

Over the years, Karen has explored every neighborhood, suburb and nearby town with a keen eye for detail. This insider knowledge helps her to give excellent advice when it comes to where to find a certain type of property, or on the seller side, how to target the most likely buyer for their own property.

Karen currently lives in Milwaukie with her family. Just outside of city limits on the Willamette River, they love living surrounded by nature with plenty of room to stretch out and play. Karen enjoys working with anyone seeking a strong connection to nature-maybe they want a small farm close to the city, an oasis in the urban core, or to live on one of the beautiful rivers of the region.

Helping her clients find creative solutions to buying and selling property is something Karen truly understands. Marketing properties online is definitely one of her biggest strengths-she knows how important this is to motivate today’s buyer and she employs all the latest technology to get the job done.


Channon Burns


If Channon Burns hadn’t married a general contractor, she might not have switched careers from Pilates instructor to real estate agent, but we should all be glad that she did. More than almost anyone else, she can spot a troubled house the way regular people spot skyscrapers, and she steers her clients away from them every time.

A lifelong Oregonian, Channon moved to Portland from Bend in 1993 and is familiar with the city on a granular level. She’s also the mother of two kids, so she knows and cares about the school system too and which neighborhoods are best for parents with children.

Her favorite part of the job is working with people, helping them become homeowners, and putting them on the path to stability and financial independence. She has a lot of experience working with first-time home buyers and those looking for fixer-uppers whom she’s especially able to help with her vast network of contractors. So whether you’re parent, a home-buying novice, or looking for a project house that just needs some TLC, give Channon a call!


Rita Larimore


Rita Larimore believes everyone should own their own home if they want to and loves decorating houses and making them inviting places to live and to visit. And with three decades of experience, she has been in the business longer than some of her clients have been alive.  

Unlike some real estate agents, she loves working with first-time home buyers. Sure, they’re often nervous, they tend to ask more questions, and some will look at 100 houses before making a decision, but Rita finds it almost as thrilling as they do when they finally find their first home. When she hands them the keys, it’s like Christmas.

She ferociously protects her clients’ interests. Everybody’s priorities and needs are different, which means her approach always has to be different. She plays hardball when she has to and not when she doesn’t. She won’t be bullied by other agents, and she can get along with just about anybody.

Rita’s talents also extend to the listing side where she excels at preparing a home for sale—making repairs, staging the rooms, and negotiating hard for her clients. She has fixed up many of her own homes, so her experience here isn’t theoretical, it’s practical.  

A Los Angeles native, Rita moved to Portland almost forty years ago and loves the people here more than anything. Neighbors are so often strangers in large cities, but she has forged stronger bonds with Portlanders than she has with people anywhere else, even though she’s not from here.

She was recently named a Five-Star professional in Portland Monthly magazine for the fifth time.


Shannon Miller


A former pastry chef of 15 years, Shannon Miller went back to school and finished her degree in interior design and property management and thought a career in real estate was the next logical step. She started out at a global brokerage, but vastly prefers Portland Proper. It’s a smaller, more intimate place where her clients get the attention they deserve.

    The daughter of an engineer and kitchen designer, her parents built their homes while she was growing up. Shannon was also married to a contractor for several years, so she notices things others might not—from unique architectural opportunities for renovation to a potential menacing, damp basement. Never one to put her own needs first by closing deals faster, she won’t hesitate to warn her clients about potential problems they might not see coming.

    Shannon moved to Portland from the Midwest, partly for culinary school, but mostly because she loved how the city is a more manageable version of Seattle or San Francisco. She also loves the food, of course, which has always been terrific and has only gotten better since she arrived. Portland winters have never been a bother for Shannon. She finds the cool and wet weather refreshing and soothing.

    After helping her clients find just the right place, peeking inside houses is the most rewarding part of her job. She has always loved architecture and interior design, and seeing the inside of homes feels like walking through the design magazines on her coffee table. And houses are often surprising. You can never tell for sure from the sidewalk what a house looks like on the inside. So don’t just browse houses online. Take a look inside with Shannon!

Andrea Langen.jpg

Andrea Langen


Andrea Langen always knew she wanted to be a real-estate agent. As early as the third grade, she wrote “realtor” on a homework assignment when asked what she wanted to do when she grew up. Her mother worked in the business in both Portland and Seattle, and little Andrea thought it was the most glamorous job in the world. Her mom got to go into houses! Andrea always knew she’d follow her mother one day. She just wasn’t sure how or when.

Before getting her license, she worked as a general contractor for a couple of years and spent a great deal of time installing tile in kitchens and bathrooms. After her first child was born in 2004, she knew it was time to leave physical labor behind and pursue her childhood dream.

Her clients are lucky she took this detour. Andrea sees things through her general contractor’s eyes that are invisible to most homebuyers, and sharing what she knows is part of her job. She can accurately assess what it will take to make a home great, and it’s sometimes more than her clients expect if they’re buying a “fixer.” She warns them of hazards and makes sure they don’t take on a bigger project than they can handle. Far better to make clients happy than to make a quick sale. She and her clients are on the same team, after all.

She helps people find and sell homes in all price ranges; unlike some realtors, she would never turn away a first-time buyer. She loves helping young homebuyers build wealth. Some can’t quite believe that they’ll be able to move up from a starter home after a while. Turning a modest $10,000 into $150,000 of equity over a couple of years makes her feel like a magician.

As a Portland native, Andrea knows the city, its suburbs, and its outlying counties better than almost anyone else in the business. She wouldn’t dream of living anywhere else and will happily help you find your next home in the area.