Channon Burns


If Channon Burns hadn’t married a general contractor, she might not have switched careers from Pilates instructor to real estate agent, but we should all be glad that she did. More than almost anyone else, she can spot a troubled house the way regular people spot skyscrapers, and she steers her clients away from them every time.

A lifelong Oregonian, Channon moved to Portland from Bend in 1993 and is familiar with the city on a granular level. She’s also the mother of two kids, so she knows and cares about the school system too and which neighborhoods are best for parents with children.

Her favorite part of the job is working with people, helping them become homeowners, and putting them on the path to stability and financial independence. She has a lot of experience working with first-time home buyers and those looking for fixer-uppers whom she’s especially able to help with her vast network of contractors. So whether you’re parent, a home-buying novice, or looking for a project house that just needs some TLC, give Channon a call!